Who am I?

I am an active, sport-lover, self-taught and a passionate about technology millenial who was born in 1995. I graduated in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in 2017 and then I completed the consequent M.Sc in Telecommunication Engineering in 2019. During my course at college, I was part of Formula Student Bizkaia where I was in charge of the control and telemetry group (2015-2017) where my duty took on programming all the control and car communication systems (mainly in C and LabVIEW). Apart from it, I did an internship in cibersecurity where I research on Post-Quantum algorithms to secure and pseudonymize personal data.

Since 2019, I am a PhD student learning at TECNALIA/JRLAB. My research mainly focuses on Reinforcement Learning. In particular, I am interested in sparse reward problems where the exploration in the environment is crucial to make the agent learn in the absence of dense feedback signals, which can be tackled from the perspective of Intrinsic Motivation and Imitation Learning techniques, among others. In addition, I like other related Artificial Intelligence fields such as Collaborative/Transfer Learning, Metaheuristic Optimization and Explainable AI.